Who we are

We are a biotechnology data and analysis company optimizing the way DNA is shared, secured and analysed. By utilizing innovative technologies such as blockchain and machine-learning algorithms, we are able to democratize genomics.

Our mission

Our mission is to optimize how DNA is shared, secured and analysed and bring exponential value to our end-users within the genomics industry.

We believe that the unique combination of our in-depth knowledge for genomics, mixed with deep-rooted backgrounds in cryptography and AI is essential in the democratization of genomics and healthcare data.


Our vision

Provide data-owner, researchers and pharmaceutical companies with the ability to securely share, store and analyse DNA data quickly, efficiently and at any scale.


Leadership Team

Dr Axel Schumacher

Chief Executive Officer

Henry Ines

CEO Emeritus

Gourish Singla

Chief Strategy Officer

Innovation Council

David Orban

Dr Jay Sanders

Antanas Guoga

Lion Martinez

Geoff Hancock

Dr Irshaad Ebrahim

Dr Kamala K Maddali

Loretta Joseph

Our Partners

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