Genomic Solutions

Fit-for-purpose data analysis and discovery solutions at your fingertips

Data Discovery

Using our platform, you can search de-identified data categorised by therapeutic area, disease and/or sub-type. This will be suitably supported by filters via country, gender, pre-existing conditions etc. through phenotypic data. Along with this, our platform will provide you with the ability to save the datasets and analyse them as per your convenience.

Phenotypic and genetic data is secured and verified through Ethereum blockchain, and then deidentified and encrypted through a hybrid approach via an on-chain/off-chain solution. Data owners use dynamic consent to choose who they would like to share their health metadata with at any given time.

Data Compliance & Protection

Sensitive data processed for clinical and research purposes is subject to local data privacy regulations. International data security compliance and certification requirements have significant requirements for entry which may slow or altogether prohibit trials, studies, etc. Through the use of dynamic consent permissions, GDPR, HL7 and SnowMed compliance, we provide genomic solutions which comply with the industry standards. We ensure compliance (audit trails and access control) for working with patient data and produce reliable and accountable results. Transactions between researchers and data owners is verifiable through block explorer and help provide transparency and trust within the healthcare space.

Your User-Centric Design and Experience

Even without bioinformatics expertise, your customer or end user will be confident while discovering datasets which match your queries. Our data discovery tool has been designed and optimised for robust performance and consistent turn-around times. This provides our users with the ability to quickly search our de-identified database, lower patient recruitment cost and improved efficiency.


With an automated, 24*7 real-time analysis of DNA data, our platform offers industry standard and custom pipelines on protected datasets (GWAS, Family Trios, PWAS, etc.). The results are powered by artificial intelligence via LifeBit integration and allow for rapid response rates.

Marketplace of Pipelines & Modules

Our marketplace is an ecosystem of state-of-the-art clinically integrated genomic pipelines and modules selected from traditional or custom-curated pipeline modules against metadata traits from our community.

Investigators are able to configure their pipelines, parameters and metadata seamlessly via the Shivom AI. The Shivom pipeline interface was designed in conjunction with leading pharma companies to allow genomic researchers complete freedom over their analysis and reporting.

Reports & Results

Interested in an interactive reporting dashboard? Shivom has developed from the ground up a way for which genomic researchers can collaborate on studies with colleagues? We built from the ground up a reporting dashboard which allows you to turn meaningful data into actual insights. With up to 20+ charting features our insight manager allows for genomic researchers to obtain the most accurate method of detecting variants.

The integration with LifeBit’s Deploit AI engine allows investigators to generate meaningful clinical insights to metadata analysis within minutes. The Deploit AI allows for seamless configuration and interpretations.